There is a waterfall in Sultangarh adjacent to Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Generally, there is no water in this spring. People come here on a holiday and observe beauty of nature scenes here. Some people come here with their family and also celebrate picnics. That’s what happened on August 15. In pleasant weather, many people around city gathered to celebrate picnics here. But, it is said that there are no laws in rules of nature. Threatening him or her can cause irresponsible behavior. Something like this happened on August 15 with those people who were celebrating picnics with family in rocks in middle of this cascade. water level of spring started increasing and nearly 50 people got trapped in the same rock. The water increased so much that people began to drown in it with a rock. This is not the first time. This has happened many times before. Waterfalls look very beautiful in appearance but here slight negligence can make Water Falls dead. Today we will tell you what precautions you should take if you are going to see a waterfall.


Remain alert

There are several administrative boards around waterfall, which are alert and warnings are written. A lot of people do not even think it is necessary to read them. Some people even ignore things written on these boards. But doing this can prove to be dangerous. Depth of waterfall is too deep and which can be seen close to which point, all these things are written on the alert board. But people do not take it seriously and later become victims of the accident.


Go to good weather

Looking at the weather and time, it should just go around the waterfall. In rainy season, when floods occur in rivers, dam’s gates are opened and water level of spring is increased automatically. If you are going to see waterfall then keep in mind that keep a distance from it. Many people try to touch or close their enlarged water level, and in this case, they lose their lives.


Do not take a selfie

Taking self-life has become a trend. Good or bad People do not forget to take selfies. Especially when they look at some natural beauty, their efforts are to try to get self-esteem. There is a danger of danger only around the waterfall. Taking selfie here is not less than a stunt. So if you are going to see the waterfall then try to take pictures that you want to capture in the camera from a distance. Do not jeopardize your life in the pursuit of a selfie.


Wearing the right footwear

Slips down due to water around the waterfall. In this slippery you can make a balance on your feet, you should wear footwear that is made to maintain your feet grip. At such a place, you should neither wear the heels nor wear slippery slippers.


Do not carelessly

Many people decide that a picnic can be celebrated here by looking at the beautiful scenery surrounding the waterfall. That is why they go to the rocks, which are clear from the waterfall. Not only this, but many people also take a bath with water from the waterfall but all this should not be done. Because the water level of waterfall becomes increasingly difficult to handle.

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