These five places in India are very popular for camping, if you are interested in camping then definitely go to these places. Walking brings you many new aspects of life. You are familiar with the new place culture, catering, colloquial and surroundings. Walking means not only going to the crowded hill station but also staying in the hotel, but also enjoying a new place. If you also want to feel like this, then you must definitely take camp fancy.
Children’s holidays are also on. In such a way, this time is absolutely free to visit the beautiful destinations with family. Obviously, to take advantage of this opportunity, you will quickly book hotels and travel tickets of your favorite destinations of choice. But it is often seen that in the last time, there is a lot of difficulties in making holidays, financing, travel and hotel booking. The most important is the convenience and ease of travel, living and dining. Whatever you spend, it must be fully charged.

Camp culture has increased rapidly in India plus in many parts, fast camp is a big business. So let’s know 5 about such camp places that will make your roaming meaningful.

If you are avoided from mountainous terrain, spending night in sand can be a great idea. Like in jaisalmer is famous for camp. Enjoying Rajasthani food plus folk culture in white tents between yellow sand is a great option. You will also find foreign tourists here too. Camping here is also cheaper in terms of pocket, plus in winter you can enjoy camping more here.

Anjuna Beach, Goa
If you have a dream to spend night with your partner at beach, Goa is waiting for you. North Goa’s Anjuna plus on other beach you can enjoy camping. By camping here you will feel different from other places.

Spiti Valley, Himachal
Lahaul plus Spiti are located in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, where hill tribes live. These places are very popular for camp. Due to rapid growth of tourists, many companies are camping in Spiti Valley. Summer is a good time for camp instead of winter because a good view of Himalayas can also be seen during this time.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
If it is not possible for you to go to Himachal or a remote hill area, then you can also enjoy camping near Mussoorie too. It is located very close to Delhi. Here you can go camp between March to June.

Sonamarg, Kashmir
If you want to enjoy mountain, river, plus camping, then Sonamarg of Kashmir can be a great option for you. Between scenic mountain scenes, you can realize peace in life by passing a few days near river. It is not difficult to reach here, but the road from Srinagar can be easily reached by road.

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