When we are in the house, follow some rules of the house and are in the office, then the rules of the rules are remembered by the laws, even if they are driving, we take care of the rules of traffic, but when we train, If you travel in a plane, a metro train or a bus, then our etiquette do not go away. As we are at home or office, we are not during travel. If the careless word is used for it, then it will not be wrong. Yes, during the travel, we all become careless and anxious. We do not care about the comfort and hassle of travelers traveling together because we were not getting them everyday. That’s why we do the same thing as convenience and ease as we do during travel. But do you know what makes your image in front of your fellow passengers? It may be that you do not think of this in mind, thinking, ‘Who gets later?’ But in the course of the journey, in the same time, fellow travelers make your bad image with your actions and if they hit you in future or if they tell you something in future, think about how much situation will be embracing. If this is the next time you travel, then keep in mind that these traveled attitudes told us.


Luggage management

There is no harm in keeping alert about your luggage during travel. But in wake of your alertness, if you do not give space for another person to keep his luggage, then this is not right thing. Travel is both for you and your fellow traveler. In such a situation, keeping the luggage spread all over place will cause problems for other travelers. So manage your baggage well plus give others place to keep their luggage.


Do not listen fast or listen to music

If you like listening to music during travel, there is no harm in it. But keep in mind that music is only heard from your ears. Many people are used to listening to music without headphones. But other traveler has trouble. So, when traveling on, keep the headphones sure.


Handle the children

Traveling with kids is very difficult. In fact, the kids cannot sit still in a place. More than that, the kids are able to find a game of their own in place. Many times, in game itself, child companions begin to trouble co-passengers. In such a way it is your job to take care of your child plus not let other travelers trouble you.

To be continued in next part…

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