Nowadays, educated and independent women are starting to like solo travel. Walking alone on its own, watching new places and gaining new Experiences gives women a new thrill. But to get out alone for women, many types of security challenge stand.

What is the expertise?

The popular travel writer and blogger Ragini Puri, who runs the website ‘From My Window Seat’, suggest to women, ‘Do not wear ruddy or very different clothes.’ Many women talk about sunglasses or talking a lot, Try to dissolve in the culture of wherever you go to roam, keep the people from there for small things. Travel alone. Not too much thing, do not take it lightly at all. If you go to new places, tell the fronters that you know about that place, do not show off expensive things like your iPhone and camera. You can feel threatened by people of that kind of behavior, or they may try to take advantage of you. If you are humble, then unfamiliar you will be helpful in your need. If you are going to roam in a city in Rajasthan then wear clothes according to the culture there, do not wear hot pants or inflammable clothes, do not tinker for anything. Where are you going Things may look different to you, but they are living the same for centuries, so stay by them accordingly. Also keep in mind that do not experiment in the night. On going out, people there know that the only girl is searching for the hotel, so book your hotel in advance and check-in only during the day. Wherever you go, get adjusted according to the environment. ‘

If you like solo travel and you have a lot of new places in your bucket list, keep an eye out for these 10 important things related to security by planning an alternate plan.


  1. Do not keep money in one place

Do not keep your precious items like jewelery and cash in one place. Place these items in different places such as bags, inside pockets, jackets, socks, hip pockets etc. Doing so, in case of any unpleasant situation like robbery or theft, your whole baggage will not go away in a jerk and some things will save you.


  1. Travel Solo but do not mention it

Traveling alone, publicly avoid saying that you are traveling alone. If you are single, traveling by adding a message to your name, you can tell that the external elements will not be able to avail any kind of advantage. Also if people know that you are not alone, then the risk will also be reduced for you. If you find yourself in some unhealthy situations, try to contact the women around you.

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