As we had discussed in part-1 that travelers should follow some travel etiquettes for a smooth journey. Here we have come up with some more travel etiquettes:

Do not spread dirt
If your habit is going to spread dirt during travel, then correct it. Because this can cause trouble to other people traveling with you. Actually, some people have a habit that they eat food when they are hungry during the journey and leave the dirt just like that. But this is a wrong habit. First thing, if you are eating anything during the journey, keep in mind that if the food does not fall down or if it has fallen, then after cleaning, you clean the place.

Keep control of sleep
You must have seen people falling on the passenger sitting on the adjacent seat while sleeping, but if you are in such people, then improve this habit as soon as possible because it is not only inconvenient for the passenger to sit next to causyus If you happen to be, you will feel bad thinking that you had fallen on someone else while sleeping. Even after sleeping during the trip, keep in mind that you should not have any problem with your partner. Or keep yourself in some work so that you do not sleep.

Treat fellow travelers better
It may be that you do not like the passenger’s face sitting in front of you or you are getting an erratum from some point of view, but do not let this irritation be revealed. Keep the train long or keep in mind that your behavior is good with your fellow travelers. If you are having problems with some of them, then tell them along with it. Keep in mind that love is a quick effect.

Do not show up hurriedly
No matter how fast you can get somewhere, but when you are traveling, do all the work comfortably. Because with your haste your fellow passenger may have trouble. People appear to hurry in the highway and this leads to an accident. Do not do this at all because a little negligence can cost you dearly.

Adjust slightly
Do not understand the train, bus or plane, doing any of your own home or personal property. It has been seen many times that there is a fight during the journey of the seat. Avoid these battles. Adjusting a bit makes matters worse plus the journey is cut off from the arrow.

Keep your luggage in mind
If you have a habit that walks around you leaving your belongings on others trust, then this is not right. Take responsibility of your stuff during your journey. You will only be harmed by leaving your baggage to others. Because no matter how much protection you can keep your luggage, no one can keep another.

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