Some more tips for solo travelers
3. Do not see frequent maps
While traveling alone, do not want to open the map repeatedly and see if you are in a rental car. This indicates that you do not know much about that place. You can get help with GPS based applications such as Google Maps, etc. to learn about locations and paths. If you look at more maps in front of others, you might suggest going in the wrong direction or try to harm you.

4. Attend in prestigious hotels
Do not compromise in your cheap hotels with your security. Stop at the hotel where safety records are good. Wherever you go, give the details of the property to your family members. This will increase the scope of your security.

5. Show Yourself Married
If you have to book hotel room or fill any other details, please show that you are married. Put a letter in front of your name. This will keep you from being away from people who try to take advantage of the situation of being single.

6. Keep notes of emergency numbers
Keep yourself prepared for any kind of emergency. It would be better to save all the emergency numbers in your mobile or diary. If you are in any unhealthy situation, you can contact your loved ones immediately.

7. Stay Confident
If you go to any place to roam around there, go to the conifadent. Do not let your body language be so clear that you are new to it. With this, people around you think that you are moving to that place and there are also knowledgeable people, as well as those who know you also live in that city.

8. Take a cab if you tell it smart
To avoid any unpleasant situation in the cab, call your close proximity and give him all the details of the cab in the talk. Keep in mind that the driver is listening to all your things, when you are sharing the driver and the car belonging to the car.

9. Keep Yourself Safe
Put a paper spray, Swiss knife and a whistle with you wherever you go on a solo trip. Having these items will convince you. Even if they are ready to use them, they are quite useful.

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