The disclosure of thoughts in front of the mass community is called speech. Conversation with limited people is called conversation. This situation is full of two styles adopted in the distinction. Ideas are exchanged in both of them. The tongue speaks, ears listen. God has made this medium in an innate way to exchange ideas. Writing is a human’s own invention. The direct effect on the brain is only because the life force of the speaker is also associated with it. While the letters written by the stylus are read-alike, their imagery still does not become like, as the writer wanted. With speech, many components express the speech of the speaker. The eyes, teeth, lips, capsules, the saints all speak and the organisms who want to reveal, these organisms together appear. The incompleteness expressions of speech are fulfilled from the posture. Hence his power has been considered far more than writing.

Trainer, excite, change, refine, refine, and do not contribute to people’s mind. Transport of ideas does this. There will be a Bhagirathi role of speech in the passage of revolution, it is not too extraordinary to say this. In ordinary folk practice, it has been seen as a good man, like a good man. Many more cultured-well-spoken talks have been found at times than in glory. Parallelism reverses objects and creates incidents. But it is only possible for the speech of a human being to create a stir, to take direction and make something from something. The power and reaction of speech can be called a reflection in the world due to the upheaval in the history of the world.

As a person who is able to find the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person in normal life, his ability, workmanship, understanding, complacency, as well as the level of differing levels, is also a big reason that people who do not have the thoughts can get in touch with hesitation Are. He can’t say what he has to say, because by not letting him reveal his position, he couldn’t provide the support that he should have. On the contrary, vertebrates, and underpants often make the talk so rosy, intoxicating, flamboyant that the front does not seem to be fasting in the clutches in which he usually does not get frustrated. Smugglers, peeves, soft-drinkers keep their eyes fixed on the back of their speech. But while speaking between the reticent, shy, the souls, they also fail to express their feelings. Concepts give rise to chance and get trapped in the traumas of defiance of apprehension. Most of the successful people are seen eloquent.

A discussion here is the key work of the historical dawn of the era treaty ‘sophistication of people’s psyche’. The idea of reversing the prevalence of undesirables is the thought revolution. The seeding and enrichment of the phenomena are called sparking. These are two mutually complementary aspects of the same purpose. The energy that is needed to make them dynamic will be generated only by living beings, but it will be the voice of the main role in transmitting it. The means which will be the ‘Dharma-Chakra Enlightenment’ of your time, will be prominent in speech. Work will not work without using voice in the public to reveal the age-old consciousness and pressure from personal counseling to change direction. The sophisticated voice is to be used as the age-power these days. Therefore, the need to intensify it cannot be denied.

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