Almost everyone loves to eat and roast around during the journey. Especially if you are traveling with family or friends, then this journey also becomes like a picnic, someone with whom you are traveling, gets hungry every few minutes and then with such a house Tiffin is being eaten or the items found in the way are purchased. But do you know that during the journey you should take great care of eating and avoiding eating some things, otherwise the health can worsen? So let’s know what are the things that you do not eat during the journey, it will be better.

Do not eat samosa and potato chips

Avoid eating fried foods while traveling, because it increases the likelihood of getting worse. If you are traveling by train, on the way when the train stops at the station, in many places things like Samosa and Potato chips are sold in the open. Seeing them, the mind starts to feel hungry and suddenly it is easy to avoid eating these things that are available in the open because it can get worse.

Do not eat meat and chicken

Do not just roast in the trip but avoid eating recipes such as meat and chicken. Because these recipes are made of much oil, spices and it is difficult to digest many times during sleep if they do not come to sleep well. If you are packing chicken or mutton from twelve, eating it can also lead to food poisoning or you may be a victim of loose motions or aspiration.

Eggs and Milk

An egg is rich in protein. The eggs are hot, so if you eat eggs during the journey, it can be difficult to digest. Plus, if omelet is kept packed for a long time, it gets spoiled very quickly. Do not take milk even during the journey. Due to the stay in the pack and changing the temperature, the milk can get spoiled and drinking it can cause health problems.

Do not eat a pickle

Do not eat pickle during the journey because eating pickle increases acidity in the stomach, which can cause problems like acidity, gas and sour dirt. During the journey of the train or bus, you only take roasted and boiled food, because it will be right for your health. Therefore, during the journey, you can take things like dry fruits, salted peanuts, roasted gram, fried chips, and biscuits in the breakfast. You can eat with dry clutches because it is not bad at all.

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